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AntrixMc Official Starter Guide

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gosintary, Feb 19, 2018.

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    Hello, and welcome to AntrixMc!
    Here is our official starter guide, written by the developers themselves!
    This guide will consistently be updated based on user input
    and updates to the server! If you have any questions feel free to PM any of the staff members!

    Welcome to ZombieMc, a Minecraft server based off of DayZ but with a bit of our own twist!
    Run around the city map, collecting air drops, looting towns, fighting zombies and players, and working your
    way up to be the best survivor alive! Hop into the PvP arena to take place in intense god fights,
    fun pvp with weapons and armour and high killstreaks, and even special PvP events for special rewards!
    We constantly come up with new ideas and add new features based on YOUR input, so you always have something to do!
    Now, how do you jump into this journey? Well, let me show you!

    When you first join the server, you will arrive at our spawn. Our spawn has the basic things you
    might need throughout your gameplay, such as enchanting rooms, ender chests, weapons and ammunition shops,
    trading rooms, and of course the portal into the world! The portal is the large tunnel at the end of spawn,
    walk into the wall to open the teleportation menu!

    When you first start, your going to need some gear, so the Warzone won't be the best place to go.
    Your best bet will be to warp to the city so you can collect gear and prepare for fights!

    When looting you can find EXP Bottles Food, Ammo, Guns, Bloodbags, Odd Currency, and Armor

    Exp, Odd Currency, and Bloodbags are all considered valuables. They are often worth a good amount of
    money, as well as great value to the player! EXP can be used to enchant things like armour, blood bags heal 4 hearts of damage when right clicked, and Odd Currency can be used to purchase OP loot from Hobo Joe!

    Lootable guns can be found in 5 tiers.
    Tier 1 guns are the weakest and most common weapons. Tier 2 guns are the next level, slightly stronger and slightly less common. This repeats up to Tier 5. Tier 5 guns are the rarest, strongest guns in the game.
    Tier 5 guns do not drop on death!

    Now that you are all geared up, you can fight in the PvP arena! However, there are a few things you
    should know before jumping right in!

    First, let's talk about "God Armour." God armour is a full set of projectile protection IV diamond armour.
    When combined with blood bags, a player in god armour can be difficult to kill! We suggest using an ION technique
    to kill these powerful players! An ION is where you scroll through your hotbar while jitter clicking to shoot
    multiple Steyr Duetts (and even DarkBows) really fast! Please note, that macroing is not allowed, and jittering above 12 CPS is a potentially bannable offence.

    Now that you are a killing machine in the war zone, you need a place to store your loot! Keeping it
    all in your inventory is too risky, but your ender chest is overflowing! You could purchase an Enderchest Expansion from our Server store, but we like to have a non-pay-to-win option as well! Head over to the vaults by using /warp vaults! This will allow you to rent a storage unit to store your items in! Once you are the proud owner of a vault, you can return to your vault with /h {vault ID}! Your vault ID is located on the 2nd line of your vault's sign!

    Now that you have made it this far, you have the basics of how to play down!
    Remember to always follow the server rules which can be found via /rules in-game!
    If you have any further questions, ask one of our dedicated staff members!

    Suggestions to this guide are welcome to be posted in the comments!
    Thanks for reading!​

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