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New Features Coming!

Discussion in 'Announcments' started by Gosintary, Mar 3, 2018.

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    Nov 26, 2017
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    Hello everyone!
    We just released the server into open beta, and already we are adding new features!
    These features are still being designed and development hasn't started yet, but we thought we would
    get some player input before we began!

    We are currently working on a new addition to the build system, which adds
    pre-built structures into the system like storage rooms, and tents, and tree houses, and
    bunkers! The first update of the building system will also include more customization options
    like choosing your wood in your house, as well as adding a new raiding system to make bases raidable, but allow
    base owners to also set up a defense to give raiders a hard time!

    We are also working on a new crafting system which will allow players to loot supplies and craft
    guns, ammo, armor, and other items to help progress them into the game!
    Along with crafting will come a new smelting system, which will be used to cook raw food, as well as
    create smelted items for the building system!

    We are also working on other cool features! Check out our full todo list here

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