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Official Forums Rule Book

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gosintary, Feb 22, 2018.

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    - AntrixMC Forums Rule Book -
    1. Commenting on a ban appeal or player report without providing useful information will result in a temporary ban from the forums. The first 2 offenses are warnings and will result in your message being deleted.
    2. Do not post links that do not involve the server or that have not been approved by a Moderator or above. This is for player safety. Posting links or IPs that are not approved will result in an
    immediate and permanent ban.

    3. Before you ask someone or make a thread about an issue, check if someone before has done the same. Duplicate threads will be deleted/locked. A quick search of the forums could answer your question!

    4. Do not create multiple posts in succession. Do not stray from the topic of the thread. If necessary, you may edit or remove your post from the forums. If you would like for your thread to be locked, tag a staff member.

    5. In addition to the previous rule, do not tag staff repeatedly. Tagging is a system used to alert the staff of a thread that requires their attention. If you do not believe the staff member needs to see the thread, do not tag them.

    6. When making an appeal or report, always put it into the correct format for our convenience. Doing so allows us to resolve the issue sooner.

    7. When asking for help from a staff member or another player, please say what you need help with. Do not post things such as "I NEED HELP!" without any elaboration. Include as much information as possible so that we can assist you.

    8. Do not post fake staff applications, spam your application, or ask staff to view your application.
    All will result in denial of your application and possible punishment.

    9. Do not needlessly bash on or disrespect players on the forums. If you have an issue with a thread, ask a staff member to review it.

    10. Don't make a stupid username. Exclude random and excessive characters. Any names deemed unfit will be forcibly changed. Impersonation of a staff member will result in your forums account being permanently banned.

    11. Keep all content on the forums clean. No excessive cursing, no sexual content. This applies to threads, profile pictures, signatures, and all other forums content.

    12. If you reply to a thread, be sure that it actually contributes to the topic. Posts may be deleted at any time if a staff member feels that they do not contribute to the topic.

    13. Farming posts or likes will result in your posts and likes being deleted and your account being temporarily banned from the forums.

    NOTE: These rules are subject to change and will be edited as need be

    To ensure a safe and fun community, please follow these rules. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the rules listed above, feel free to contact a staff member!
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